Let's Give 'Em Something to Talk About

Gossip Salon and Day Spa Edgewater MarylandGossip Salon and Day Spa Edgewater Maryland

Beauty Starts From Within

Beauty is not just a luxury – it is the soul’s requirement. While outer beauty can be enhanced with a gorgeous haircut or a fabulous makeup treatment, inner beauty comes from kindness and an inner core wrapped in health and peace. From beautiful hair, skin, and nails, to creative ways to soothe the mind and spirit - it’s all about integrating outer and inner beauty to help you reconnect with all that is important in life.

Gossip: The Goal
We want to provide a sumptuous venue conducive to our clients' well-being and to pass on to them all of the tools and services needed to feel beautiful – inside and out! We truly believe you will enjoy your Gossip experience.

Gossip: The Word
As far back as the year 1014, "gossip" meant close friend. Since close friends share intimate secrets and news, "gossip" came to mean easy, unrestrained talk or writing as a means for spreading and sharing information. And in our salon we prefer to keep it kind, informative, and community oriented. Gossip in itself has historically been frowned upon, but its reputation is being polished as psychologists, human resource consultants and anthropologists view it as a form of social bonding critical to connected community.

Gossip: The Place
Return to the Good Life in today’s hectic and impersonal world. We yearn for the days when everyone knew everyone else. It was a time when families and close friends gathered on their splendid front porches in the cool of the evening, sipping lemonade, sharing their lives and strengthening community bonds.

As the EdgeWater/Davidsonville area grows and changes to meet the needs of a large influx of professionals; our vision is to create an environment that will match the old world feeling with the professional new world demand. Gossip is a welcoming space reminiscent of the pleasures of a simpler and less frantic era, where everyone can blissfully deepen and broaden their outer and inner beauty.

Gossip: For Everyone
It is for our neighbors, our community, and us. Sure, this place started with the usual pie charts, task lists, products, services, and financial goals. But Gossip is more than a business – it is an experience that we want to share. Whether you have an hour to escape or a full day when you need to retreat; come on back – to Gossip. You will find it difficult to do anything else but relax and enjoy yourself!